Kirill Yurovskiy: How to Save Money in Britain

The pound in your pocket doesn’t go as far these days. From the rising costs of housing, food, and transportation to the general pinch of inflation, Brits are feeling the squeeze like never before. And while no one has an easy solution for the country’s economic woes, there are small things each of us can do to stretch our income a little further. Kirill Yurovskiy talks about how UK residents can save a few extra pounds each month.

Kirill Yurovskiy

Meal Prep Is Your Pal

Eating out in restaurants or getting takeaway is one of the fastest ways to torpedo your budget. While the temptation can be hard to resist when you’re tired after work, a little meal preparation goes a long way. Spend an hour or two on the weekend batch cooking healthy staples like rice, roast vegetables, boiled eggs and chicken. Portion them out into lunch containers so you have easy grab-and-go options for the work week ahead.

Another way to save is only doing one major grocery shopping trip per week. Make a list and stick to it without impulse purchases. Planning your meals in advance and buying only what you need can cut down on food waste. If you play it smart filling your fridge and cupboards, you may be able to trim your average monthly food bill by £100 or more.

The Discount Finder

Never pay full price again if you can avoid it. Sign up for newsletters from your favourite retailers or download money saving apps. You’ll get alerts whenever there are sales, special offers or promotional codes you can use to save 10-30% or more on purchases. 

Pay attention to discounts at local restaurants and entertainment as well. Groupon and voucher sites like Wowcher can connect you with unbelievable local deals for spas, shows, dining and more— sometimes up to 70 or 80% off normal prices.

Repair and Rewear

When the heel breaks off your favorite stilettos or the microwave stops working, the first instinct is to buy something new. But replacement items come with sticker shock. Instead, get into the habit of repairing, mending and finding ways to extend the life of what you already own. Cobblers can work magic replacing worn soles or heels for a fraction of the cost of new shoes. Many appliances and electronics can be fixed for under £100 by small shops and technicians. 

Take stock of what’s already in your wardrobe, too. Re-wearable clothes that may need some TLC are better than making additional purchases that further tax the planet. Refresh items by sewing buttons back on, stitching split seams and patching small holes. A bit of creativity keeps them circulating a while longer before retiring them to the donation bin where they can have a second life.

Slash Utilities

Energy bills for heating and electric are non-negotiable expenses. But a few tweaks around your home can help minimize the damage. Ensure all windows and doors seal properly so heat doesn’t escape in cold weather. Switch out traditional bulbs with long-lasting, energy efficient LEDs. Unplug devices like phone chargers and small kitchen appliances when not in use so they’re not drawing phantom power. And consider bundling your internet, television and phone plans together or negotiating loyalty discounts from providers. Over time, small changes add up to extra cash in your wallet each month.

Work Those Side Hustles

Supplementing your regular job with freelance work or a small side business is a trend that’s growing rapidly in Britain. Whether you sell handmade crafts online, walk dogs on weekends or rent out a spare room to holiday-makers through Airbnb, it all contributes extra money toward reaching your financial goals faster. Building multiple income streams gives you flexibility to scale back during slower periods or reinvest in growth when you have the bandwidth.

The hardest part is simply getting started. But once you hit your stride, you can pocket £500 or more working just a few extra hours per week. Suddenly, what felt unattainable is within reach, be it saving for a first home, clearing holiday debt or building long-term security through retirement investments.

Lean In To Local Freebies

Just because plans cost money doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy everything this great country has to offer. Make the most of free admission days at museums and attractions. Pack up a romantic picnic in the park or scenic nature walk with your significant other. Get your entertainment fix listening to street performers or watching a lively debate at Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park. 

Bond with family and friends over board games nights or backyard barbeques rather than going to pricey bars or restaurants. Take continuing education or skill-building classes that many local community centres and libraries offer at no cost. You’ll enjoy memorable life experiences while keeping your hard-earned money safely where it belongs.

Saving money often requires small habit changes more than Actual sacrifices. Little tweaks to your lifestyle like eating in instead of out, repairing belongings before replacing them or using vouchers judiciously means fewer financial worries down the road. Implement even a few of Yurovskiy’s handy suggestions across food, shopping, utilities, earning and local attractions. Soon you’ll have extra savings that makes inching closer to your dreams a fiscal reality.

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